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Vidéo de la future BMW M1 ?

The rumors around a future BMW M1 continue with a new episode that includes a spy video of a test mule spotted during winter testing and an allegedly leaked photo. Along with the video, new information popped up on the web. The BMW M1, or whichever name will carry, is powered by an updated/upgraded N55 engine by the M Divison. The 1,500 kg M1 also features a high performance intercooler and the output is said to be measured at 345 horsepower. At the front-end, the front bumper will be larger and more massive than any M-Package we have seen so far, and the usual fog lights are gone. The massive front bumper will allow air to flow for the High Performance Intercooler.

Brake air ducts will provide cooling for the six piston ceramic brake discs and the M1 showcases two ducts on the bonnet, one for air flow and the other purely for cosmetic reasons.
Two air intakes on the front wings gives the typical M-look, with the bar that incorporates the side indicator light, placed now on top instead of striking through. As any other M car, we expect to see wider fenders and wheels, plenty of carbon fiber elements and a visual appealing bootlid. According to BMW insiders, the reason behind the M1 is not to completely focus on power, but rather build a car more entertaining and thrilling to drive than any other cars that will cost twice as much. M1 will be purely about driver focus and torque.

With the M3 positioned above the 3 Series, the M1 will fit between 1 Series and one of the higher-end 3 Series models, but certainly below the M3. The photo above comes in a way to confirm some of these bold statements, but at the moment, we cannot verify the authenticity of this “leaked” photo. Earlier this month, we introduced the potential BMW roadmap for 2010 and the Geneva Motor Show was listed as being the host of a new concept car. Could this be the M1 Concept? We shall find out when March comes.

Source : 1addicts.com.

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