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Usine de Berlin, Allemagne

The plant in Berlin has one of the longest histories among the BMW Group’s production facilities. Just like at the parent plant in Munich, BMW’s site in Berlin began with aircraft engine production in 1939; motorcycle parts were added to the portfolio in 1949. Twenty years later, in 1969, the entire motorcycle production was moved from Munich to Berlin. Today, the plant in Berlin produces up to 600 motorcycles of the different model series as well as maxi-scooters a day. Since 1979, the team of almost 1,900 employees also makes components for BMW’s automotive production, such as brake disks for various BMW models. About 80 percent of all BMW motorcycles and maxi-scooters made in Berlin are exported to more than 130 countries. This is why BMW Motorrad is expanding the network of international production sites. Local motorcycle assembly plants, e.g. in Brazil and Thailand, are increasingly gaining in importance, with the Berlin plant remaining at the center of this production network.