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Un Pack Competition pour l’M3 en 2011 ?

Depuis deux jours, plusieurs concessions ont affiché quelques informations quant à un éventuel Pack Compétition (ZCP) pour l’M3 2011 : nous ne sommes probablement plus très loin d’une annonce officielle. Voici de quoi devrait se composer ce Pack Competition (un résumé est disponible en bas de l’article)…

BMW ne laisse rien filtrer mais voici ce que Mark a partagé avec la communauté :

Oh thanks gentlemen (and MRakete), it’s still exciting (for me anyways) to have this officially on the books.

Therefore, I’ll be confirming contents and ordering my E92 next week (just waiting for a package from Germany with paint, trim and interior samples to see them together in person rather than electronically). I’m tentatively going to be scheduled for April production (although ZCP packages do start in March as you’ve all reported) but that’s because of the Individual stuff I’ve specified over and above the Comp. Pkg – which add an extra 10 weeks to the process. This is my fault because I’ve been so damned indecisive about certain things and keep asking for changes. Serves me right but oh well. I expect to have the Cdn pricing for ZCP when I order so I’ll let you guys know what it is if it hasn’t already been released (U.S. pricing will be similar – aka a little less – no doubt).

The bad news for ZCP……no special colors at this time. And aajami, I’m really sorry about this one…..no sport exhaust option.

As well, ZCP packages will get the regular 19″ M3 tires (flavor of the day). I had a big techical discussion with BMW about why I couldn’t get the Pirelli Corsa’s in the larger GTS sizes…..and lost. To make a long story short, I was told the tires “wouldn’t work quite right” with our regular M3’s. Yes, quite alot of you have “upped” your tire/wheel sizes without any ill effects but remember that BMW the company has to keep things pretty generic especially for a mass production car like the M3 ZCP. Also, the offsets for the GTS wheels haven’t been finalized for production so they may in fact be different when the GTS is finally ready to go. So I’ve given up….and frankly I’d rather deal with more mundane things like choosing a paint color…..but that’s Ok, no big deal.

Speaking of color again, Frozen Grey will be available shortly for those of you who’d like it but according to a fellow Cdn poster “Mr. D.” who is doing something similar to me and dealing with the same people in Germany, North America apparently has to wait until a “U.K. only” special edition run of Frozen Greys are produced. BMW will be committing full paint production capacity to the British cars commencing in March. August production was what was suggested for North American availability for Frozen Grey. Well I never!!!

But here’s something for you guys who love the matte look. Sounds like there’s more to come!! I was told that BMW wanted to offer matte COLORS for the ZCP right away but “they” were still being tested. Hmmm, seeing as Frozen Grey is already out there, looks like alternatives will be available in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed.

Plus tard, un autre propriétaire canadien, Monsieur D, indique ce qui suit:

Gents, I’ve put through my 2011 M3 ZCP order, for April Delivery, and I can confirm the following :

1. 19″ GTS Wheels but in Silver
2. EDC Upgrade
3. 10MM Lower Springs

Its priced at approx. $4500 Canadian IIRC.

Few more notes — as Mark and I have been sharing our dialogue with BMW Canada :

1. Frozen Grey is available, but not until August Production, as the UK has all of the Frozen Grey spots until then. Apparently, in March, the UK will receive a Frozen Grey edition..don’t know the contents except colour.
2. Black Trim (Grill, Exhaust, etc) from the 2010 Edition Model is NOT available..the supplier ended production and they won’t do one-offs anymore. I pressed and pressed, but no dice..
3. Black GTS wheels ARE available, but not until August production (IE after the GTS are delivered to customers)
4. Other note: I tried ordering the BMW Performance seats as an individual item, to no avail.

Un petit récapitulatif de ce qui a été dit :

2011 BMW M3 ZCP Competition Package

– exclusive wheels: 19″ – Style 359M – Y-Spoke
– Black and Silver GTS wheels
– Black Trim for Grill, Exhaust
– Lower suspension (-10mm)
– New SPORT mode for EDC
– Pricing: around $4,500 CAD, US pricing unknown yet.

A titre indicatif, avec le taux de change actuel (1CAD=0.670908€), ce pack serait donc proposé à environ 3 000€. A priori le tarif serait plus proche de 3 600€ HT de notre côté de l’Atlantique.

Sources : m3post.com, bimmerfile.com, bimmertoday.de, bmwtopnews.com.

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